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An evidence of a people in Scarborough comes from an archaeological site Fenwood, dated to 8000BCE. The evidence contained the remains of a camp of nomadic hunters but there is evidence of permanent settlers. At the village of Ganatsekwygon, the first habitants were Seneca back in 17th century. Seneca were later displaced by the Mississaugas, and when British settlers began to arrive in 18th century Mississauga were also displaced by them. The first settlers in this area were David and Andrew Thomson and later it became a small village and was known as Thomson Settlement.

Scarborough became a Township in 1850 and was led by a reeve. The expansion o Scarborough took place in 19th century which led to the development of housing stock. A single-track radial line along Kingston road to Blantyre was built in 1893 by the Toronto and Scarborough Electric railway, Light and power Company. This service was replaced by bus service in 1936. In the last third part of 20th century much of housing development took place and rural Scarborough was converted in suburban area. Scarborough was included in Metropolitan Toronto on 15 April 1953 and later in 1967 it was incorporated as a borough. Reeve was replaced with a mayor and Albert Campbell became first mayor.

Scarborough’s climate is almost similar to Toronto because of southerly location and its proximity to Lake Ontario its climate is moderate. Conditions of climate of Scarborough are based on proximity of the lake so it varies with the proximity. Economy of Scarborough is an integral component of Toronto’s economy. Scarborough lacks the same level of urban density and business infrastructure development as compared with Toronto. Scarborough has a rural past and few farms which are still present in the northeast corner o Scarborough reflects its rural past. Compared to the city of Toronto as a whole, industry of both cities is similar in all categories. Many famous companies like Toyota Canada Inc, Thomson Carswell, Alfa Laval, Honda Canada Inc, and Yellow Pages Group have their headquarters in Scarborough.

Scarborough has its own place in arts. It is a home for several local arts organizations. In theatre Scarborough, Scarborough players and Scarborough theatre work together. The Choral society of Scarborough performs a full scale musical and a Christmas concert each year. People of Scarborough have developed their own unique sense of humor. Scarborough Town Centre is 8th largest in the country and 4th largest in the GTA in the list of largest shopping malls in Canada.

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